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Wendy offers training to the professional community and presentations for community groups to increase awareness.

Training for the

Professional community  

Training Topics include:

The nature of addiction

Shame and guilt

Treatment options

Relapse prevention

Harm minimization

Motivation for change

Self care for professionals


Families and community. 

Topics include: 

The nature of addiction 

Impact of addiction on family dynamics 

Assistance to plan the best response for addiction 

Self care within the context of family addiction 

Chronic sorrow

Addiction and mental health affect a large portion of society. Each person with an addictive behaviour affects 5-7 others (friends, family, and colleagues). The World Health Organization states Mental Health issues coexisting with Substance Use contribute 20% to the cost of the health  burden.- Australia spends 8.5% of GDP on health, 5% on mental health services.


Addiction is often a long term chronic issue.


Greater understanding leads to higher levels of success in treatment and better health outcomes for those affected even when the individual with the overuse behaviour does not change.










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