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Hello and Welcome to Wendy Revell - The Serenity Practice


Wendy provides insight into the nature of addiction. This is like a road map which allows navigation through life for people affected by addiction.

This is provided through:

- Group facilitation for friends/families. Individual counselling.

- Training for professionals.

Wendy can help you to gain insight into the problem and can provide valuable tools to deal with the effects of addiction. These effects are evident as dysfunctional dynamics at work and home.

Addiction is present when choice is lacking.                           Life becomes unbalanced.

One area gains a heavy focus to the detriment of other areas.

This focus can include: alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, exercise, internet, gaming, sex or codependency (focus on others).

Wendy approaches these issues with knowledge, experience and compassion.


Can Wendy help you?

Friends and Family:

Do you feel there is something not right with your life/relationship but you can't identify the problem?

Are you frustrated by the inability to change a behaviour in your own life or in the life of someone close to you?

Are you taking responsibility for tasks that are not yours?

Are you frustrated with promises that seem well meant but they never seem to bear results for any length of time?

Does your partner, children or your friends spend large amounts of time, attention or money on one particular activity or substance?

Is your relationship as you would like it?

Would you like to feel more in charge of your life?



Professionals/Welfare Workers:

Are you a counsellor or welfare professional who would like to learn more about how to assist your clients who are affected by addiction?

Do you feel you are taking too much of the responsibility for change in your client?

Are you exhausted and frustrated with certain clients?



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